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  • AHPCON-2022 final Announcement

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Welcome to JFMTI

Joint Forum of Medical Technologists of India (JFMTI) is a National Registered organization of Associations/Unions/ Organizations of various allied health streams of Medical Technologists working in hospitals/health institutions/dispensaries of Central Government, State Governments, autonomous health institutions, local and private health establishments in India.

JFMTI is uniquely organized to address all national Health issues relevant to the betterment of allied health professions and professionals, and committed to strive hard for establishing a National Statutory Council for Medical Technologists for providing qualitative health education and health care services in different streams throughout the country. Foundation of the JFMTI is laid on the solid bedrock of the passion, talent, energy and powerful vision and mission of dedicated Allied Health Professionals.

JFMTI always welcomes every idea, valuable suggestions as well as constructive criticism for improvement of the organization and urges you to join hands with us because “Together only We Can Make a Change”.

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Redefining India’s health service through ‘Allied Health Professionals’ and need of a statutory regulatory body

In the past decade, a fundamental shift has occurred in healthcare delivery, largely due to advances in science and technology. There is now more recognition, than at any time in the past, that health service delivery is no longer just a prerogative of physicians and nurses. It is now a team effort, drawing upon the expertise of both clinicians and non-clinicians.

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JFMTI Mission & Vision


Our Mission

To spread awareness amongst Medical Technologist fraternity, regarding their Ethics and rights to promote and establish a regulated and coordinated system for Medical Technology professions and professionals. It is always been advocated to provide quality Allied Health Care Services to the general public.

To set the standards for Technologists and assure adherence to these, attract the right caliber and range of people into the profession, bring together the scientific community, inspire confidence in and engageme...

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