Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To spread awareness amongst Medical Technologist fraternity, regarding their Ethics and rights to promote and establish a regulated and coordinated system for Medical Technology professions and professionals. It is always been advocated to provide quality Allied Health Care Services to the general public.

To set the standards for Technologists and assure adherence to these, attract the right caliber and range of people into the profession, bring together the scientific community, inspire confidence in and engagement with science.

JFMTI also endeavours to get due recognition for the Medical Technologists that they deserve in the present health care delivery system of our country.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a unifying voice, a pioneer for General Public, Patients, Health Professions and Professionals (Medical Technologists) in India for reforming and establishing equitable, regulated, rationalized and holistic health care delivery system.

To register all Technologists with the forum, uphold professional standards of conduct and capability to encourage work in line with the vision.

For the quality and cohesion of our Technologists and the science they carry out to be the means of creating a more sustainable and empowered future for humanity.


  • Include
    …all disciplines of Technologists, through our member organisations
  • Balanced
    …in our support and promotion of members and scientific disciplines
    …in our communication of the impact of science
  • Informed
    …by evidence and research
  • Positive
    …about the contribution of Technologists to the society
    …about our members, our registrants and the Technocrats as a whole
  • Collaborative
    …in our approach to debate and discussion
    …in our attitude

Aims & Objectives

  • To strive for establishing a National Statutory Council for all unregulated health care professionals with a view to establishing uniformity in education, recruitment rules, designations, pay-scales and other service conditions throughout the country.
  • To promote health education and health promotion activities that are in the best interest of the public, patients, and health professionals in general.
  • To support, advance and promote good Diagnostic and Therapeutic practice through the development and adherence to high quality standards in diverse environments throughout the world.
  • To protect and promote the Allied health education and services
  • To provide and promote professional development of member organisations and individuals, associate professionals and non-professional members through organising National seminars, Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Workshops, conferences and discussions.
  • To support, advance and promote ethical and professional values
  • To work in co-ordinated manner, and apply the views of the member organizations for betterment of their services.
  • To make every efforts for safeguarding the interests of the public in general and professionals in particular.
  • To create the confidence among Medical Technologists by enhancing their professional awareness and knowledge, facilitating better communication and fellow feeling for a coordinated and holistic health care delivery system.
  • To promote the coordination of activities within the healthcare professions, through the development of international partnerships and programs.
  • To encourage all Medical Technologists Associations/Unions for their joint efforts for all policy issues related to the profession and professionals.

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