JFMTI By-law


The membership of the society is open for following categories of Organisations and individuals which fulfills the terms & conditions of the society without discrimination of religion, caste, colour or creed but subject to the approval of the National Executive Council of JFMTI. If the membership is refused to any person or any organisations, the reason for refusal shall be communicated to the concerned.

  • Organisational /Associations Membership: this type of membership is open to all Registered associations/unions/organisation/institutions of Medical Technologists from any stream of Allied health Sciences like all streams of Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiology & Imaging Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Radiation Therapy Technology or any other similar Allied health stream which fulfill the terms and conditions of the society. Organisations have to apply with their joining resolution from their Governing body and with required joining fee for getting JFMTI organizational membership.
  • Individuals Associate Membership: this type of membership is open to all Allied health professionals/Medical Technologists who want to associate with JFMTI on individuals capacity and are not associated with JFMTI through any association/organisation, are engaged in practice, study and research of any branch of allied sciences under Central Government, State Government, Autonomous organisation, PSU, local and private health establishment in India. They will enjoy all privileges except casting vote in election. They will be required to be a part of an association to become eligible for election process of society


Admission/Joining fee: (at the time of admission.)

  • For Associations/Unions/Organisation/Groups(atleast 20 members) = Rs. 1000/-

Annual Subscription:

For Associations/unions/organisations of Medical Technologists/Allied health
Professionals shall be as under

  • Local/Institutional level – 2,000/-
  • State level – 5,000/-
  • National Level – 10,000/-

Life Membership

Life Membership shall be 5 times of Annual Subscription

Termination Of Membership

The National Executive Council shall have the power of expel a member or organisation from the society on the following terms & conditions:-

  • On his/her death or insanity
  • Non-payment of subscription continuously for more than 2 years (as the case
    may be) from due date.
  • On his/her written resignation
  • If he/ she has not attended three consecutive meetings of The National
    Executive Council without any intimation.


All the appeals should be referred to The National Executive Council. The decision of the National Executive Council shall be final. The reasons for rejection shall be communicated to the person or organisation concerned.


In case of member expelled by the National Executive Council, the same can be re-admitted provided the member pays up all the dues to the Society. However, the decision of the National Executive Council shall be final.

All India General Council Of The Society (General Body)

Consisting of all members nominated members through JFMTI affiliated Associations/Unions/ Organisations etc. The meeting of the ALL INDIA GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE SOCIETY shall be held at least once every year with 2/3rd quorum. No quorum shall be required in the adjourned meeting. An emergent meeting of the ALL INDIA GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE SOCIETY may also be summoned on the written request of 3/4th members, with 15 days prior notice for such meetings. The notice period of the general meeting of the ALL INDIA GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE SOCIETY shall be 30 days. The following business programs shall be transacted in these meetings:-

  • To prepare annual programs and policies.
  • To discuss and to decide all such matters and issues which are directly or indirectly
    related to the affairs of the society.
  • To pass annual budget of the society.
  • To appoint in a qualified auditor for conducting annual audit of the society.
  • To consider any other business brought forwards by National Executive Council.

The National Executive Council

S.N. Name of National Excutive Contact Number
1 President One
2 Sr. Vice President One
3 Vice President As per available Streams (Presently Four)
4 General Secretary One
5 Secretary One
6 Joint Secretaries Four
7 Treasurer One
8 Internal Auditor One
9 Executive Council Members Nine

Bank Account

The bank account of the society shall be operated by the President & Secretary or Treasurer jointly or as decided by the National Executive Council.

Functions Of The National Executive Council

  • To consider any business brought before the National Executive Council.
  • There shall be meeting of the National Executive Council once in 6 months

Source Of Income

The fund of the society shall consist of

  • Admission fee of Members Organisations
  • Annual Subscription and donation from members Associations/ Unions/organisation etc.
  • Aid from governments, semi government, and associations, Unions
  • Aid or donation or gifts from foreign charitable agencies through any other approved and authorized organizations

National Executive Council

The National Executive Council’s strength shall not be less than 20 & not more than 65 The members of the National Executive Council shall hold the office for 2 years. The meeting of the The National Executive Council shall be held as & when necessary for which 15 days notice will be required & the quorum shall be 2/3rd.

Election & Quorum

The National General Council in its annual meeting will elect its all the office bearers & members in the month of May after 2 years by secret ballot or by any other constitutional procedure . The quorum of the National General Council & The National Executive Council shall be 2/3rd.

Management Of Funds

All the income of the society shall be deposited in the designated bank

Powers & Duties Of The Office Bearers:-


He will be the head of the society & preside over the meeting of the National Executive Council & The National General Council. He will have the right of casting vote in the case of tie.

Sr. Vice President

In the absence of the President, the Senior Vice President shall enjoy all powers which are entrusted to the President

General Secretary

The powers of the Secretary shall be as under:-

  • To sign on behalf of the society & to conduct its correspondence & to record the proceedings of meeting.
  • To summon & attend the meeting of General Body.
  • To call ordinary general meeting if desired on written request of at least 1/3 of Executive Council members
  • To attend various official meetings/Seminars/conventions/ relevant Programme on behalf of society


He shall keep accounts of all receipts & expenditures of the society and to furnish necessary information of the National Executive Council. He will keep with him Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) and the balance account will be deposited in the bank Account of the Society as decided by the National Executive Council.


The accounts of the society shall be audited at least once a year by the Internal auditor of JFMTI

Financial Year

The financial year of the society shall be from 1st day of the April to 31st day of the March every year.


The tenure of the Governing Body (National Executive Council) shall be of 2 years.


Any amendment in the Memorandum of Association (MoA) or Rules and Regulations will be carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down Under Section 12 & Section 12-A of the Societies Registration Act of 1860 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Legal Preceedings Section 6 Of The Act

The society may sue or be sued in the name of the President as per provision laid down under section Society Registration Act, 1860 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Annual List Of Governing Body

Once in every year a list of the office bearers & members of the Governing Body shall be filed with the registrar of the society, Delhi as required under 4 of the Societies Registration. Act, 1860 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.


If the society needs to be dissolved, it shall be dissolved as per provisions laid down Under Section 13 & 14 Societies Registration Act Delhi of 1860 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi

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